Rally Racing: Pushing the Limits of Control

Gravel, dirt, mud and snow. These are the things that most of us steer our cars away from. But for some these elements are an invitation to experience something new at every bend in the road. These are the elements of unpredictability.

This summer I worked on the exhibit team at World of Speed Motorsports Museum to create an exhibit about the cars and drivers who, instead of eating cereal and milk for breakfast, enjoy munching through gravel. Rally Racing: Pushing the Limits of Control was our final product. It was designed to showcase the evolution of vehicle design from the 1950s through modern times. We also wanted to explain that this type of racing was accessible by anyone with a car and enough courage to compete. This was evidenced by the fact that factory teams are racing the same course as husband and wife duos in their 1999 Subaru Outback.