Maryhill Loops Road

Maryhill Loops Road was the first paved road ever to be built in the Pacific Northwest. It’s tremendously smooth, like red velvet, with curves that cut deeper than your mother-in-law does at Thanksgiving. Twice a year, the road is opened to cars and motorcycles.

My friend Ariel stumbled across the event just a few days ago. We had to go check it out. So we pitched a social media shoot to World of Speed Motorsports Museum and then we packed our camera gear in the back of my Mini and drove the two hours from Portland to Goldendale. For such an amazing stretch of road, there was actually a very small turn out. Maybe 50 people, most of them on bikes, road up the hill once and then looked down at the younger hoodlums racing their 5-cylinder Volvos. Two guys had matching Nissan GT-Rs with hand rebuilt engines and upgraded turbos. 1,100bhp each. An appropriate amount for a road such as this. I think I’ll stick with my turbocharged Mini…

Enjoy the photos from the day!