Leavenworth Drive

Almost perfectly nestled in the center of Washington, a small Bavarian town called Leavenworth plays host to a rally of German made autos. Owners begin pulling into town Friday night, hunting for a spot to back in their modified BMWs, Volkswagens and Porsches. There’s an almost constant audible hiss in the air as air suspension is deflated. Fenders come to rest concealing tires, and in more extreme cases, concealing wheels.

By Saturday morning, the town is completely filled to the brim with cars. The show is an all day event. Getting an early start is key. You can walk about and get photos while the sun is still low. By the time it starts to heat up, you can seek refuge in one of the towns many restaurants, ice cream shops or bars. Into the afternoon, new cars have moved in to replace the morning lineup. There’s always something new to see.