Davis Volvo Meet

When I think of Sweden, three things come to mind: those little fish gummy candies, IKEA and above all else Volvo. There really is no better representation of the Holy Trinity. The car manufacturer is known for being safe and reliable. And for being the opposite of aerodynamic. For some reason these characteristics have found affection in the hearts of 30-year-old men who decided that Volkswagen GTIs were too uncivilized. As I am just half a decade away from 30, I already sense a growing affection for the lovingly named Turbobricks.

In Portland, there is a large community of 1980s Volvo 240D series cars. So large, in fact, that my dad owns one. So what do you do with a slow, old, thin painted car like the 240D? The answer is obvious: you gut and replace everything in the engine bay, swap the transmission, zip tie on a turbo-charger and drive the thing down to Davis, California to park it next to a bunch of other yabbos, err, I mean responsible adults.

I flew down Saturday morning to meet up with my parents in San Francisco. After the meet, my dad and I drove the 500 miles back to Portland.

Enjoy the photos from my trip! Everything was shot with my grandpa’s Canon AE-1, mostly on Fujifilm Superia 400 and a few shots were taken on Kodak Ektar 100.